Surga Dunia

Posted: May 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Hey, dude, i will tell you some of a heavenly snack/drink that exist in this world, especially in your surrounding (Indonesia Only) hahahaha…

Here we go,
the rank of godly heavenly super ultimate powerful ultra amazingly surprisingly delicious angelic food is :

1. Lidi asin-pedes : Hey, this amazing snack has already exist from ten years B.C., this legendary snack with an unique taste of MSG will make you fly into the 7th heaven~

2. Pop Mie : Ohhhh maiii gooodd, who is the creator of this dangerous creature that make Indonesian people suffering ultra delicious taste of noodle…

3. Smax Ring : Olalaaaa~ ring rang ring you bring happiness to my tongue with your angelic shape of donuts and your flavour…

4. Ovaltine : OH maaannnnnn, if you didn’t know what Ovaltine is, you’d better go to hell ’cause this machooooo chocolate drink will give you a VIP ticket to heaven…

If you have all of this godly items, you can rule the world with your happy tongue

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